blue prints at an exhibition

Over the years I’ve had a few exhibitions, both here in Sweden and abroad. After having pursued this path of showing in galleries and online-galleries for a while, I will now try it on my own.

This website is my window to the world and my art. This is where buyers and collectors can aquire my art with safe payment through Paypal. I will however, once, hopefully twice a year arrange pop-up exhibitions somewhere in the region here in Sweden. I’m not closing the door to galleries. On rare occasions and with the right partner, I might also show at a gallery.


1988 Groupshow Stiftsgården Båstad, Sweden
2014 Solo Valhall Castle, Ängelholm, Valhall Park, Sweden
2014 Groupshow Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK
2016 Solo City Hall, Ängelholm, Sweden
2016 Solo East Mill, T-Sign Gallery Ängelholm, Sweden
2016 Groupshow Crafts Museum, Hembygdsparken Ängelholm, Sweden
2016 Solo Galleri Ekstrand Borgeby Castle, Sweden
2016 Groupshow Art Fusion Galleries Miami - Art Basel, USA
2017 Solo East Mill, T-Sign Gallery Ängelholm, Sweden
2018 Solo Let Out Art Gallery Farhult, Sweden
2018 Art fairs Marco Antonio Patrizio, Genua, Venedig, Vicenza, Italy
2019 T-Sign Pop-up Gallery Ängelholm, Sweden