Black & White Collection

The Black & White Collection is where I have gathered my b/w artwork. This is a category which will be extremly dynamic and growing since I love b/w.

I usually do my studies in b/w before deciding wether to go for oil paintings then again, sometimes I don't)

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Sister Bonaparte

Well, if you didn't know about the Bonaparte brothers. I bet you never heard of their sister either, right? Well, here she is in the nude - ready to be pleased by her lovers. Original artwork, ink on paper. The format is 100 x 70 cm. Also available as reproduction upon request.
650.00 (EUR)

A close Encounter

An odd composition, I admit. It looks a little like a Neanderthal meeting abeautiful woman. Still walking on his knuckles. Original artwork, ink on paper, 70 x 100 cm. Also available as reproduction upon request.
175.00 (EUR)

One Bell

If you gone through my production, maybe you've found out that I love jokers, pierrots and harlequins. Here's another one, a pitty one with just "One Bell"
325.00 (EUR)

Over my shoulder

A chain reaction. Someone is screaming something from far. Most possibly will this message have been altered to another meaning once it reaches the end of the line. An original artwork, ink on paper. Format 70 x 100 cm.
275.00 (EUR)


Here is Pajas, an original ink on paper. This one found it's way to being an oil on canvas. this b/w version is 70 x 100 cm, available as reproduction upon request.
550.00 (EUR)


I called this one "Scary" I was originally doodling around on my sketchpad. I wound up making her hair bigger and bigger and combined with the body figuration it suddenly looked like a scared naked woman. This is also the motive of an oil painting of mine. Ths one is an original ink on paper, 70 x 100 cm. Available as reproduction upon request.
450.00 (EUR)