About Tony

Creativity, inspiration and fantasy has always come easy for me. An invaluable gift that has defined my
career, both as Art Director and artist. The AD’s creative ability is constantly put to the test. Compare this to the one of the artist. It’s really two different realities. The AD’s work is creative alright, but he works within certain given prameters.

Parameters that the artist kan give a f… about. He works without a
safety net. Both are exposed and up for critique – equally important for both to survive, mentally as well as financially. In my case it’s still the AD who is ”the breadwinner” whilst the artist claims ”creative freedom” and can do just as he pleases! If someone appreciates his work, he is of course very pleased, but, this is not his driving force of creativity.
As for an artist I support Paul Klee in his statement, ”the task of an artist is to visualize what would without him be kept in the unknown”.