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Welcome to T-Sign!

Right from the beginning I wanted to become a commercial artist (a hybrid of an artist and an advertising man).
So I became one! The adman kept the artist on a tight leash and the adman ”got to shine” for more than 25 years.
It’s high time for the artist to make an entrance! Stand aside adman – it’s my turn!

I’m finally beginning to understand how I´m put together – something that definitely defines me as an artist. I hate manuals and descriptions that you must follow to assemble, install or build things. There are always things left over when I’m done and it’s not due to provider’s errors all times. No, I simply cannot follow a manual. I hurt all over! I admit, sometimes things go terribly wrong, but often the result can be something quite unique. So all airplane-models, LEGO, IKEA-furniture and things alike: we do not belong together – I’m not streamlined like you!

Ironically, as an adman, I often produce and illustrate manuals for commerial use. Sure it’s a strange world we live in! Well, I am at least :-)


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